2nd Dental Squadron Answers Common Questions For Oral Hygiene During National Children’s Dental

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Q: Should I be concerned if my child sucks on his or her thumb all day? A: Thumb sucking and other oral habits like pacifiers for example, can disrupt normal teeth eruption patterns and cause more significant problems down the road. Your dentist would be happy to assess the situation and offer solutions to stop the potential harmful habits if needed. Q: How should I clean my child’s teeth? A: A toothbrush with a small head and soft bristles will work great for removing plaque and bacteria. The teeth should be cleaned twice a day, at least once preferably at bedtime.
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20 during a presentation about good oral hygiene at Round Lake Area Park District. By KYLE STEPHANS kstephans @shawmedia.com ROUND LAKE BEACH Preschool students sat captivated by The Amazing Tim Adamz as the magician, comedian and educator used magic and humor to inform kids about proper dental care and nutrition. Tim Adams, who goes by the moniker The Amazing Tim Adamz, performed Feb.
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